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Can We Declare Star Wars Dead Now?

Seriously, can we?

This isn’t some fanmade parody. This isn’t Family Guy doing its 40th Star Wars episode. This is Lucasfilm plus Robot Chicken giving us rapping Darth Vader. Because that would have been funny… in 1989.

Oh and just to state the obvious, Seth Green is pushing 40 now. Robot Chicken was always overrated, but if you turn to a 38 year old guy to appeal to the kids, you get Darth Vader rapping and jokes about TMZ. Mel Brooks already did this in 1987 with Spaceballs. Since the internet got started, there have been 2 trillion Star Wars parodies and a bunch of commercial ones, like Family Guy. Star Wars Detours is the least useful and original thing ever.

Is there anything Spaceballs didn’t say 25 years ago about how silly Star Wars is? Is there anything that decades of parodies didn’t cover that Lucas needed to move forward with a lame CG roast of classic Star Wars characters?

What’s worse is this shows the horse-beating curve for Star Trek. When the only thing that George Lucas can think to do with the original characters is release an officially branded parody, the horse is completely pulped.

Happy Birthday Fox, Hope you like crap

Hey remember the time when I bought a polo pony who got into showtunes. Cue clip of Peter Griffin on a horse in A Chorus Line.

Also cue him getting a hundred million dollars and you pretty much have Seth MacFarlane’s 100 million deal with Fox to keep making episodes of Family Guy until the heavens weep bloody rain and enough retarded people switch the channel to The Hills to make Fox replace it with some American Idol spinoff, more episodes of American Dad, which apparently someone, somewhere watches for some reason. Possibly because he’s crippled and doesn’t own a remote control. And let’s not forget the prospective Cleveland spinoff of Family Guy that asks the question, how could anyone produce a TV cartoon about a black family that would make the PJ’s look like Shakespeare. And here we go.

Basically Seth MacFarlane is to good television what AIDS is to a bowl of soup. Early on Family Guy was a mildly appealing alternative to the usual TV fare. Years in of the same routines, the same jokes, the same obnoxious drunken idiocy that play like they’re written by frat boys who think seeing a black man is hilarious, have actually turned Family Guy into one long nightmare, into the show that everyone hates but that FOX has just paid 100 million dollars to insure will be annoying us into 2012.

Happy future.

Futurama : Bender’s Big Score Review

Well Futurama is back for better or worse and throughout Bender’s Big Score, it’s not always obvious which it is. By the fourth season Futurama was in many ways a much weaker series than it had been starting out and while Bender’s Big Score is mostly better than the fourth season, it’s not that much better.

Not that long ago another animated TV series, Family Guy, decided to make a movie featuring its most popular character, Stewie, and a Bender's Big Score Futuramaplot involving time travel and duplicates. Well Futurama to do the same thing with Bender’s Big Score. Like the Family Guy movie though, Bender’s Big Score is completely unbalanced. Where the Simpsons movie at least had a coherent plot, Futurama’s Bender’s Big Score is a dozen plots crudely tied together.

Just about every character who has had a memorable appearance on Futurama returns for Bender’s Big Score, from evil Robot Santa to Al Gore to Leela’s parents to Fry’s nephew namesake to Zap Brannigan to Nixon’s head. But the stories feel very much like trunk stories that were kicking around for years. Case in point the plot involves spam, the sort of thing TV writers were writing about years ago. The jokes are so old one of them involves the 2000 election.

The Straight to DVD format allows for slightly riskier material, but not by much. The opening takes the crew to a nude beach planet which isn’t far afield from what you would have seen on Futurama on TV. After that it’s pretty much tame city.

Characterwise, Bender and Fry and Leela get to be front and center and bizarrely enough the writers though that Hermes needed a lot of screentime. Zoydberg barely even shows up. Bender gets overexposed, a problem that became common with Futurama Season 4, see Bender Shouldn’t Be on TV. Leela’s storyline is tedious and mostly so is Fry’s. The entire premise of who Lars is, is silly and absurd. And Leelo the Narwahl whale is even more tedious.

Somewhere inside Bender’s Big Score is a pretty funny 30 minute episode. But like the Hedonism Bot (yes he makes an appearance too) as a movie it’s swollen out of proportion into an obese waddling mess composed of too many stories and too many plotlines and reveals. It’s not that there aren’t plenty of funny moments, from Bender raiding Sweden to the Professor and the Spanish National Lottery, it’s just that as a Futurama movie, Bender’s Big Score just doesn’t hold together.

Futurama Bender’s Big Score goes straight to DVD November 27th. That’s 5 days from now.

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