Adult World – Movie Review


Adult World is almost a movie about growing up, but it’s wedged in an indie land where growing up is something that other people do. Instead it clings to its precious indie cliches wasting two good performances on self-conscious cliches.

The trailer with its dynamic between Emma Roberts as a clueless aspiring young writer and John Cusack as a burned out poet would have made for a great movie, unfortunately that movie isn’t Adult World, which spends more time milking laughs and awkwardness out of Roberts’ job in an adult bookstore and her rooming with a transvestite.

Emma Roberts gives a great and very real performance as a ridiculous and very familiar character, the young poet with no clue, who is convinced of her own talent and is desperate to succeed. John Cusack’s grouchy Rat, a man whose glory days are in the past, is a good change of pace for the actor.

It’s not the actors who let down the movie, but the plot with its over-reliance on indie gimmicks, cliched teaching moments and characters and organic filler that lets the actors down.

Adult World would have been better off set on campus, instead indie cliches demand a goofy workplace and a story about growing up. Indie cliches also demand an outsider character to teach the white main character something about life and Adult World offers up a transvestite roommate. The plot that brings them together makes less sense than anything else in the movie, but the producers are just checking off an indie box.

Wacky old lady, check. Man-child boyfriend who could double for Jesse Eisenberg, check. And all that’s left is a movie that might have been good if it had grown up enough to break out of its indie shell.

Fifty Shades of Book Death

fifty shades of grey new york times besteller listWhat you’re looking at here is the New York Times Bestseller list in Fiction. (Non-fiction is headed by two books attacking Obama and Bill O’Reilly proving that liberals killed Lincoln or something)

It’s also proof that we should just give up on this whole literacy thing. Because we’ve had it. Just because people buy books and can read, doesn’t mean that they can read. It just means they can scan words, one after another.

We’re not talking about the bestseller list being clotted up by the latest garbage from Tom Clancy or Richard Patterson North or the Oprah Book Club. This is wankfic at the top of the bestseller list. Not just at the top but covering the entire bestseller list. This is what people want as their beach reading. And it doesn’t end there.

Author Bret Easton Ellis tweeted, “Completely committed to adapting Fifty Shades of Grey. This is not a joke. Christian Grey and Ana: potentially great cinematic characters,”

Of course it’s not a joke. Jokes are funny. This is a different kind of joke. More like a Joker joke that proves that everything is senseless and meaningless.

Meanwhile, movie rumors are buzzing. Emma Roberts, Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson have expressed interest in playing virginal college student Anastasia Steele.

Julia Roberts built her career on playing a cheerful hooker, her niece can do it by playing some girl to be slapped around. The gap isn’t that big, it’s just indicative.

It might not be such a bad thing if we could take away the reading privileges from some people. “You have abused your reading abilities, so they are being confiscated. After a year you might get them back. Now go watch Grey’s Anatomy.”