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Comic Con is Over

How do I know Comic Con is over? It has a red carpet. It’s a place where Twilight cast members show up to discuss Twilight. It’s a place where Twilight fans get killed trying to meet Twilight cast members.

Some might say that Comic Con is what it’s always been, loud, overcrowded and stupid. So the media merchandising has moved up from meeting Kevin Eastman to meeting the stars of the latest twenty movies to be in some loose sense based on comic book properties or cartoons or something loosely SciFi. And with Disney owning Marvel and WB owning DC, there are a ton of those.

But Comic Con has turned into another industry convention and there’s no going back. And that happened because the new blockbuster model of turning out interchangeable movies based on IP’s sitting in someone’s closet went big. And comic books are perfect vehicles for providing you with existing IP’s that you can easily turn into a movie about a few characters beating the hell out of each other on and off for 90 minutes while buildings explode. That is actually how comic books got started and it’s a big part of what the Marvel and DC brand is.

It’s not really about the comics. It’s obviously not about the people who actually enjoy them. They’re no different than Transformers. Just parts you can put together into a blockbuster movie. And Comic Con is where some of the IP sources show up.

Comic Con is a place where you go to wear your Slave Leia costume and hope G4 notices you and a place to hear the latest news about Twilight.

Secret Six, What a Crock

The current incarnation of Secret Six was one of the more intriguing things DC was doing, emphasis on was. The entire dinosaur fantasy world trip and the trip to hell already killed it in a downfall of ugly art that made everyone look like muppets and stories that were all sound, fury and set pieces, and nothing else.

But nothing compares to the idiotic wrapup. Bane’s revival was interesting enough, but the idea that everyone would decide that their destiny lay with killing Batman didn’t fit anything that had come before. But at least it meant a final showdown. And that’s exactly what it meant in the worst way possible.

The whole thing ends with the Secret Six getting ratted out in a warehouse, taking a family hostage and then having every DC superhero, including the Krypton bunch show up to take them on. Stupid enough already. The Secret Six aren’t that impressive, and Batman alone has taken on tougher teams. But Secret Six deserves go out in the same stupid over the top style that killed it after the island escape.

No the real crock is Huntress mourning their defeat and damning the heroes for beating them. Really? Are we supposed to feel bad that Superman, Batman and Green Lantern beat three killers and a few less homicidal gray area types who were holding a family hostage, because they represented the spirit of independence, or something like that?

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