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Killing Veronica Mars

Veronica MarsWell color me stupid, the Save Jericho Nuts campaign does seem to have worked. At least insofar as getting CBS to make a mini-order of a few episodes for next season. I’m thinking that CBS will try to run them more as a miniseries than anything else but it’s still more than fans of most shows have gotten.

AICN is using that to press a call for saving Veronica Mars. I don’t think one necessarily translates to the other. We’ve heard repeatedly that Dawn Ostroff is a fan of Veronica Mars but the CW’s treatment of Veronica Mars in Season Three speaks volumes otherwise. The show got the kind of treatment reserved for the original Star Trek in its own third season. A new proposal that pushes Veronica Mars 4 years ahead to her time at the FBI seems like a downright misguided proposal.

If CW is planning to kill Veronica Mars as a teen girl show, what are the odds they’d revisit it as Veronica Mars, 20 something FBI agent, a show concept that would really be more at home on CBS these days than the CW.

It was pretty clear that the CW was uncomfortable with Veronica Mars and wanted it gone. Killing Veronica Mars may have actually been Dawn Ostroff’s way to demonstrate that she had no loyalties or agendas but is prepared to ‘kill babies’ so to speak, in order to keep the ratings up.

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