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Every Alternative Superhero Trailer Out There

The trailer for Super, that movie made by Pam’s ex-husband starring Dwight and the girl with the hamburger phone is here. Yes I know their names, but why bother writing them out. And yes it looks a lot like Kick Ass. Which looked a lot like every other alternative superhero movie made. Even the Zack Snyder butchered Watchmen. Or the Woody Harrelson short bus superhero movie. Don’t remember the name and don’t care to look it up. Or Mystery Men. Or Seth Rogen’s Green Hornet mess. Or the Specials, which was the daddy of all these back in 2000.

Where the standard superhero movie exploits a franchise, the alternative movie is supposed to be subversive, poke fun at the conventions, show you what happens when a real person tries to be a superhero and makes a mess of it. And it’s all been done. What’s worse is that there are actual people putting on superhero uniforms and getting into fights or trying to fight crime. Anti-movie crusaders might blame one on the other, but it also makes this whole gimmick redundant. Want to see what really happens when a normal person tries to do this, follow one of the actual costumed vigilantes around town.

Go back to the Specials and Mystery Men and there’s nothing new about these movies. Kick Ass and Super get more extreme. Green Hornet applies the same formula to turn an established superhero into a stoner movie. There’s nothing more to say. Nothing more to do with this. And still I bet there’s a few more movies like this back in the pipeline. Maybe more.

Piers Anthony – Earth Shatteringly Awful

> His work is nothing earth-shattering, but I love Piers Anthony’s stuff.

Don’t sell yourself short, it is earth shatteringly awfull. and
Anthony is one of the few authors out there who actually put out a
book, ‘What Of Earth” solely for the sake of getting back at some
unknown editors who blue pencilled the draft.

There’s something truly sad in reading through the ramblings of a man
so insecure he’s reduced to categorizing anonymous people based on
their choiche of pencil color and forcing his fans to buy a book just
so he can abuse them.

> To each his own. His work is very enjoyable to many, many, many people
> (that’s why his books stay in print) and cannot be considered “awful” by any
> stretch of the imagination.

Undoubtedly Danielle Steele and Dean Koontz’s fans say the same thing.

> No author can “force” fans to buy a book.

No but publishing companies can by limiting what books they promote
and which they don’t.

> Books, more than comics, have a much more fickle audience. People will buy
> comics to keep their collection complete. That’s not the case with books.

Barring media tie in novels…but then again they’re not actually

> If they don’t like the work of an author, they won’t buy their books. An
> “awful” author will be lucky to get 1 or 2 books in print.

Has nothing to do with good or awfull, it just has to do with
promoting and appeal to some niche market by building a fan base. With
Piers Anthony that would involve selling sleaze to thirteen year old

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