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The Dumbest Story About Nobel Prize Winners You Will Read Today

There comes a time when a Nobel Prize Winner, like everybody’s grandpa, gets easily annoyed by everything and resorts to writing letters about it to the newspaper. For some baffling reason, a bunch of Nobel Peace Prize winners decided to write a letter protesting an NBC Reality Show that didn’t air yet.

I’m starting to feel sorry for NBC which keeps walking into crazy firestorms of hate over its crappy new shows. Animal Practice, or whatever the show with the animals that the network is promoting non-stop is called, led to racism charges. Now Stars Earn Stripes, which is just Boot Camp with B-List celebrities, somehow attracted the attention of nine Nobel Peace Prize winners who couldn’t be bothered to go denounce Bourne or Glee, but had to zero in on The Marriage Ref Joins the Army.

Nine Nobel Peace Prize winners decided to denounce  Stars Earn Stripes for “glorifying war and armed violence”. Maybe that’s a point, maybe not, but why not denounce… everything. Half of everything on TV and in movie theaters glorifies armed violence. The biggest game franchises are simulations of armed conflict. Go and denounce that.

It’s the old Jack Thompson argument and it’s not much more credible from Tutu and Betty Williams than it is from him.

Could NBC have gotten a bunch of foreign Nobel Prize winners to denounce its show as a publicity stunt? It would be expensive but not impossible. They all have their own funds. NBC donates a hundred grand to each of them. That’s less than a million dollars for a fortune in free publicity.

Next NBC needs to get them to denounce Animal Practice.

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