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Can Justin Lin Make Abrams Trek into Star Trek?

The strange thing about the Star Trek Beyond trailer is that it actually looks like TOS. Justin Lin has talked about watching the original series and you can see it on screen.

It’s the first movie since Insurrection and ST6 that isn’t obsessed with an attack on Earth. Instead the crew crashes on a bleak planet. There are strange aliens, conflict and resolution. That’s a whole lot of TOS episodes right there.

Just having a movie focused on an alien planet, instead of another race to save Earth is already closer to Star Trek.

I don’t know the plot so maybe I’m completely wrong. But with Abrams back to his first love of Star Wars and Simon Pegg doing more of the writing than Transformers hack Roberto Orci, Star Trek Beyond might actually be closer to Star Trek than to Abrams Trek.

Back to TVland

Damon Lindelof wants to come back to TV? Well isn’t that nice. Here’s what he would be walking away from.

bad tvLindelof wrote and produced three movies. Cowboys and Aliens, Prometheus and Abrams Trek II. Cowboys and Aliens bombed badly. Prometheus is coming up at the gate. If it performs badly and blame gets placed on the script, then Lindelof would have nothing but a sequel to an existing IP in his portfolio and that doesn’t look so great. And if Abrams Trek II underperforms, which is completely possible, as Abrams Trek I overperformed and the novelty will be gone, then it’s time to go back to TV.

Orci and Kurtzman are doing well on TV and they probably deserve more hate than Lindelof does, or at least as much hate, depending on who decided to blow up Vulcan and make the whole thing an alternate universe, and the former Xena writers are comfortably nested in the horrible Hawaii Five-0 reboot (though they also produced Cowboys and Aliens).

Unlike Abrams, Orci and Kurtzman, Lindelof doesn’t have his own TV thing going on and a guy who came out of such quality projects like Nash Bridges and Crossing Jordan should be able to make something happen. So long as it isn’t a string of weird failures like Abrams has managed to inflict on executives and viewers.

If you think about it, you can blame Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof’s careers on JJ Abrams. Alias and Lost gave them a step up the ladder. That led to everything from Transformers to Hawaii Five-0 to Abrams Trek and Cowboys and Aliens.

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