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SyFy Weasel Craig Engler Pens Weasel Letter

You know canceling Stargate Universe might have been more defensible if SyFy actually had Science Fiction shows on its schedule, and I don’t mean Small Town Where Wacky Stuff Happens or Mysterious Warehouse or British Show We Ordered Because It Has a Good Looking Vampire and We Know That’s Hot Now. I mean Science Fiction.

But it’s not. SyFy is not in the Science Fiction business, it’s in the Reality Show business. It’s in the ghost show business, the wrestling business, the cooking show business and the pawn stars business. Not the Science Fiction business. So go ahead and shovel it on.

If we didn’t like science fiction we simply wouldn’t have made SGU. It’s because we like science fiction that we tried it. Even though SGU was ultimately unsuccessful, we don’t regret trying it.

Seriously, say that with a straight face. You made SGU because it was part of a well known franchise that did well enough. Craig admits that the show was only ordered because of that. If SGU had been named Destiny Flies Through Space. It would never have gotten an order.

And no you don’t like Science Fiction. Your schedule proves it.

Science fiction shows are the backbone and lifeblood of our network, and we have many in development.

Yeah you have a cooking show, two antiques roadshow shows, two behind the scenes of film shows, wrestling, two shows about finding relics and a ton of shows about ghosts. Your backbone and lifeblood are crap.

Later this year we’ll be debuting Alphas, the Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome pilot is being worked on as you read this, the movie Red Faction starring Stargate Universe‘s Brian Jacob Smith will air next month

Craig Engler proves his love for Science Fiction by citing their version of Mutant X, a third Battlestar Galactica reboot spinoff (after they canceled the second one) and a video game movie. Does Engler think viewers are retarded? Obviously.

SyFy ordered more ghost shows than Science Fiction shows. And I don’t mean shows about ghosts, but shows where people run around with cameras shrieking that they felt the temperature drop because they lost their last traces of dignity doing this.

5 of our original dramas will return with new seasons or new episodes this year, and we’re working on many more behind the scenes.

Like the Wrestling/Global Myths/Cooking show. It’s called Wrestling with Quantum Archeology. Or the exciting Science Fiction epic. Sharkopolus meets Octosaur.

We would have happily kept making SGU regardless of anything else on our schedule if the ratings were sustainable. We don’t discontinue successful shows to make room for other shows … no network does because no network has a full roster of successful series. SGU was judged solely on its own ratings.

Does the name Farscape ring any bells? Yes I thought it did.

Stargate Universe was canceled because SyFy thinks it can make more money making lamer versions of History Channel shows. And they’re probably right.

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  • Leon August 19, 2012 at 10:58 pm

    “Science fiction shows are the backbone and lifeblood of our network, and we have many in development.”

    Yest a year later there’s barely than 2 hours a week of it on their network. Engler is a total douche nozzle.

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    Mehreen June 12, 2014 at 1:48 am

    SGU is a great show because its in a very unqiue position as a show. The previous SG’s were all about building up the SG universe which made for a fun show as the characters were cookie-cutter in nature but the story brought you to fantastic places. Now with SGU they have a very solid universe(15 YEARS in the making) so now we can see what the writers can do with a character centric show. Yes I understand about the constant politicing, sexuality and documentary style of filmography but they make the show, as more than one poster put it, grittier . I for one appreciate a character driven show vs just new worlds, that is not to say I think it is better then SG1. SG1 like original Star Trek made the universe(I am aware that SG was first a movie) and the characters didn’t seem cookie-cutter initial, the writers even had fun with this a few times. But now everything after SG1(tenth season) was just garbage. So yes it may seem like SG and BSG had a retarded babe but this is the only possible avenue of evolution for this franchise, I don’t want to see it die because some people are stuck in the 90’s. If you don’t like it its your choice but dont whine about it, since you definitely cant come up with anything better then Stargate SG-1. As for Sanctuary i have only one thing to say: Go Amanda Tapping!!!(the only reason i even bother to catch an episode)

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