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Suspense Over the Fate of Veronica Mars Continues

Veronica MarsGossip and rumor is playing yet more games over whether Veronica Mars will actually be renewed. Really for the CW it should be a no-brainer, it’s not as if they have a lot of great prospects on the horizon.

Almost without exception, the CW is relying on antique legacy shows like Smallville, One Tree Hill, 7th Heaven which has been dragged back for an 11th season for crying out loud, another tedious turn of the America’s Top Model TV series, Gillmore Girls has been canceled. If Veronica Mars was held responsible for not holding on to the Gillmore Girls lead… well GG itself didn’t do it obviously.

With Buffy long gone and Gillmore Girls canceled, Veronica Mars is also the only conceivable reason for critics not to start spitting on the CW the way they did on UPN.

The smart move is to renew Veronica Mars with a limited order of episodes. Let Rob Thomas do what he likes for that duration and then make a final decision. No more constant tampering with the series and no idiotic premises about having Veronica Mars do a series in the FBI. That will kill the show faster than Fearless– which incidentally never aired.

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