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Summer of Comic Book Movies Not Going So Well

With Thor, X-Men First Class and Green Lantern, this was the summer of comic book movies. Too bad they weren’t very good and didn’t do all that well.

Domestically they all look to tread water and not much else. And that includes Thor which fell out of the Top 10 with 25 million over its bare budget, which doesn’t cover promotion. X-Men First Class is falling off drastically and may not make back its budget domestically. Green Lantern debuted at a quarter of its budget. And unless audience prove to be really in love with this and keep coming back, it probably won’t either.

The problem isn’t just limited to comic book movies. Pirates 4 is in the same boat. Kung Fu Panda 2 is struggling. Fast Five is the only action movie that has really cashed in. It’s the closest thing to a winner so far.

Don’t count on Marvel and DC changing their strategy much. None of these movies are losing money internationally. Thor has made most of its money internationally. It isn’t that huge of a payday, but enough that a sequel is likely. X-Men First Class is also doing better abroad. It’s too early to tell about Green Lantern, but if its international box office doesn’t pan out, then no sequel.

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