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Success and Failure at the Box Office

As we all know Mission Impossible 4 or MI Ghost Protocol or MIGP was a huge hit. Sherlock Holmes 2 or SHGOS was a bomb. Fast forward a bit and MI4 has just barely cleared 200 million dollars domestic and Sherlock Holmes 2 made 20 million less than it. Since Holmes 2 or SH2GOS had a 20 million dollar budget, the performance is close enough to say that both movies performed sub par, with MI4 or MI4GP getting the worst of it since it had the bigger star and the bigger splashdown. But the US take doesn’t really matter anymore. Over 60 percent of the revenues for both movies came from the foreign box office. 287 mil for Holmes, 369 mil for MI. Internationally MI4 is the decisive winner, but Holmes pulled in enough that it was worth it.

That brings us to Underworld Awakening, the fourth unwanted movie in a series which only took off because its commercials featured a woman shooting her way through a floor in the first movie, that managed to score 50 million and another 40 million overseas, making this crap that Americans like better than people outside the country. It also means Len Wiseman is still in the game. Who besides us wanted to see a fourth movie of this? The Russians where Underworld picked up a quarter of its foreign take.

Red Tails, Lucas’ vanity project, has slipped badly, but when was the last time an aircraft movie, especially a retro one did well? Can anyone remember Flyboys? Or Stealth? Or Wing Commander? I’m not too sure it’s been done since Top Gun. That’s too bad because I wouldn’t mind an American version of Les Chevaliers du ciel, but even Lucas’ own Star Wars prequels took it light on the fighter action.

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