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Straw Dogs, Then and Now

Straw Dogs was one of the movies that it made the least sense to remake. But if you do remake it, swapping out Dustin Hoffman for James Marsden makes even less sense, not just from the acting angle, but because putting a guy who plays comic book superheroes into a suit and sticking glasses on him is just a pose. Having Dustin Hoffman go violent was a game changer. Having James Marsden do it is no biggie.

Going from England to American hicks makes it an even bigger cliche and you end up with something that looks a lot like a hundred other movies. The undertone of contempt in the relationship is also missing. So the real question then is why bother.

Were there are a lot of people who wanted to see a remake of Straw Dogs? I doubt there’s anyone who saw Straw Dogs, who wanted to see a remake of Straw Dogs. It’s like a remake of 2001 or Taxi Driver (I’m sure that’s coming) except that’s way more obscure. And if you’re going to make a generic thriller loosely based on a famous movie, what’s the market for it? There isn’t one.

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