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Stopgap iPod

Apple’s iPod classic may be no more than a stop-gap device, according to analysts at iSuppli.

“While the rest of the iPod line has migrated to solid-state flash memory, the new iPod classic continues to employ venerable hard-disk drive (HDD) technology for storage,” the researchers state.

The fact the iPod classic lacks advanced new features such as the wireless capability and multi-touch screen of the iPod touch, “suggest stopgap measures that are likely to limit the product’s longevity and success in the market,” iSuppli believes.

Thank goodness for the analysts at iSuppli without whom we would never have a clue that classic iPods are actually classic iPods and not designed to be new iPods and that they also lack the advanced features of the new iPods which they don’t particularly need in any case. Do you really need a touch screen for your MP3 player? Do you? Do you really need WiFi without a browser? Is your iPod Touch really the ideal portable computing platform anyway? Think about it.

The reality is that the iPod classic is just a way to maintain the position of a product that’s selling pretty well, just like the PS2 is for Sony, no matter how outmoded its technology may be.

“Apple typically makes more money on the higher-capacity versions of its products,” noted Andrew Rassweiler, teardown services manager and principal analyst for iSuppli. “This is because the only difference between the low- and high-end products is the cost of the hard drive and the flash memory chips.”

Cute but not really a surprise. Most companies have their own version of this.

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