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Can We Stop With the Fairy Tale Warrior Princess Movies?

Long ago, in a land far far away, a lady by the name of Linda Woolverton turned out a script which re-imagined Alice in Wonderland

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as Alice in Wonderland Warrior Princess. Tim Burton directed it, and as usual, turned Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter into the star freakshow attractions. The movie was terrible, but it was also 3D and made a ton of money.

Linda Woolverton then went on to Maleficent, a new take on the story of Sleeping Beauty.

Slightly less long ago, three guys named Evan Daugherty and John Lee Hancock and Hossein Amini worked on a script for Snow White Warrior Princess, and called it Snow White and the Huntsman to hook male viewers.

While Linda Woolverton had a pedigree of doing Disney fantasy critter movies, including working on the script for The Lion King, Snow White and the Huntsman’s writers were an odd bunch. Evan Daugherty was a beginning writer who, according to his interview, wrote the script for Snow White back in 2004 and had been shopping it around ever since. He sent the script to an Alice in Wonderland producer who saw easy money doing the same thing that just worked. At some point John Lee Hancock, who wrote and directed a bunch of crap, including The Blind Side and The Alamo, and Hossein Amini, who adapted the even more awful Drive that just bombed, and a bunch of other bad movies that you never heard of, got involved and made it worse.

Despite a strong opening, Snow White and the Huntsman is not likely to hit within 30 million of its budget. That’s really bad news. Its worldwide take isn’t too stunning either. The movie performed just well enough to support a 90 million dollar budget, not its ridiculous 170 million dollar budget.

Before Hollywood begins tossing more money into the same pile, it might want to look at the track record for the tweaked fairy tale movie. Brothers Grim failed, Christine Hardwick went from Twilight to Red Riding Hood and that failed. Season of the Witch failed.

Alice in Wonderland ‘s success gave some producers the idea that they need to start making big budget fairy tale action movies. That is a bad idea. Snow White and the Huntsman shows why.

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