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Steve Jobs’ Second Chance

Not many visionaries get a second chance the way Jobs did, and if he hadn’t managed to get back to the top at a desperate Apple, his obituary would probably read famous Apple co-founder and mention his Pixar connection. But Jobs got his second chance and he leaves Apple as a company at the top of its game.

Even the underwhelming iPhone 4S launch only helps shore up the image of Apple adrift without Jobs. As Google’s Android does to Apple what Microsoft did to it back in the day, creating a universal open platform that can be used by numerous hardware manufacturers, Apple’s likely decline will be attributed to Jobs’ death, rather than to the business model of the company.

There’s no question that Jobs helped revolutionize the portable market, but he also left Apple at a time when the company is fast approaching its limit. There’s only so many other things that can be grafted on to the iPhone or the iTouch and the Classic is out to sea and the Nano is now officially a kids toy. There’s not many other places left to go and once that evens out, Android will begin gaining even faster. But Jobs leaves as a visionary and a genius on a high note. It’s not a bad exit.

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  • Terrahawk October 10, 2011 at 4:36 pm

    If I remember correctly, Apple is in the exact same place they were back in the late 80’s – early 90’s. They had a ton of cash and were the darlings of the techno hipsters. Back then, Apple thought they would dominate the PC market by flooding schools with Macs so that students would demand Macs at work. Of course it did not work out that way since businesses were not going to lock themselves into the Apple prison just because some wet behind the ears student was used to a Mac.

    Today, Apple is flush with cash and riding high, but their markets are either obsolete or facing stiff competition. The one area that made their products shine was their integration with iTunes. With Amazon getting into the arena, iTunes is in for a tough slog. Amazon has the long term thinking and endurance to grind Apple in a war of attrition. In the OS realm, Google had the same attitude and ability. I don’t see Apple finding any extremely inventive ways to escape those battles. It’s back to the WWI trenches and Apple almost got wiped out when it had to fight there in the late 90’s.

    Jobs will be remembered fondly although the hagiography has been too much for me to handle this past week.

  • O_Deus October 15, 2011 at 8:31 pm

    Yeah. Once again Apple relied on an innovative piece of hardware that everyone has caught up to and once that’s done, they’re rolling out gimmicks like Siri and FaceTime that nobody really needs.

    Apple doesn’t have the vision to move beyond being a niche company because it’s their whole image.

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