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Steve Jobs’ Reality Distortion Fields Functions Smoothly as Ever

Microsoft copies Apple yet again with dream of DRM-free music, reads the headline.

Now that EMI’s momentous decision to sell music without DRM, announced in conjunction with Apple’s Steve Jobs, the world is wondering how much longer DRM will be with us.

But where there’s a good idea, you can always find Microsoft wanting some of the action. While some might characterize this in a bad way, copying Apple to sell DRM-free music is a great decision, although in typical Microsoft style, they say they have been in discussions with music companies to sell DRM-free music for some time now.

Steve Jobs’ anti-DRM manifesto must have had some impact on EMI, along with EU investigations and EMI’s own successes in 2006 with DRM-free tracks from some major artists.

So, now that Apple and EMI have broken the DRM barrier at last, Microsoft wants DRM-free music, too. Jason Reindrop, head of Marketing for Zune at Microsoft, told The Times that “We’ve been saying for a while that we are aware that consumers want to have unprotected content.”

Indeed, Bill Gates talked last year about how buying music on CD was the best way to buy music, as the tracks could be ripped and then easily shared amongst digital devices in the home. But Gates’ observations, already well known by consumers, likely did little to sway EMI’s mind.

This reminds me why the only thing I hate more than Bill Gates and Microsoft are Apple fanboys and the gullible media willing to sop up anything Steve Jobs says as Holy Writ. As the article grudgingly admits, Bill Gates had expressed a position against DRM before Steve Jobs, back when Jobs was still on the DRM bandwagon.

How is Gates then copying Jobs when Microsoft had already expressed a desire to get away from DRM. Sure Jobs’ statement would have had a lot more impact on EMI because Apple controls the market, but it would be more honest to say that Jobs was copying Bill Gates.

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