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Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field in Full Working Order

Only Steve Jobs and okay maybe half of Silicon Valley could get the press to repeatedly dub the MacBook Air ultra-thin laptop as the world’s thinnest laptop when Sony had already developed the thinnest laptop all the way back in 2003. But Apple after all caters to the style over substance school of consumerism and an ultrathin Apple laptop that is actually thinner than anyone needs it to be is just perfect. For every waste of skin in a hoodie who ever walked down the street flashing his iPhone at everyone or sat in a Starbucks busily pretending to browse his MacBook, this is the must have accessory.

You can practically see the Justin Long commercials. I’m a Mac and I’m a PC. You’re what? An inch thick? You fat bastard, I can use iTunes and I’m only a nanometer wide. Also I cost 1700 dollars but never mind that. With one USB port (which these days is like only having one floppy drive in 1983) and no optical drive and a top hard drive size of 80 gigabytes. This is underwhelming for anyone who wants to do something besides sit at Starbucks and download Modest Mouse songs.

Top that off with no Firewire, a 2 gigabyte limit on memory which is on the tight side these days and no removable battery, so Apple can have a glorious old time overcharging you or just telling you to buy a new laptop when the old one breaks, this is a purchase strictly for the status conscious and the hopelessly trendy. Reality distortion field now back on.

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