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Steve Jobs 10 million iPhone Dream Dies

With the rise of the swiss army cellphone, it had to penetrate even Steve Jobs’ comfortably cushioned cranium that the iPod was a piece of dead end technology. After all the video player (which he resisted) and the music player and all the rest can be packaged into a cell phone and are these days. Given a few years to solve the battery problem, work out the interfaces and popularize cell phones some more, the iPod becomes yesterday’s junk. So the answer was the iPhone and the hype was there, but so was the insane cost. The iPhone is an expensive gadget and a status symbol, but not a mass market appliance really, which means Steve Jobs’ sales target of 10 million iPhones was always vastly unrealistic, yet Apple needed to quickly gain market dominance, a hopeless task in a carrier controlled market. With 4 million sold, Apple’s iPhones starts looking a lot like Sony’s PS3 a desperate gambit by a flailing company to gain quick market share to maintain its technological relevance and business model.

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