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Step on an iTouch and You Get an iPad

What has no multiple apps or flash support and is basically just a giant iTouch, but starts at 500 dollars (if you don’t want the 3G that is)? The answer is the new iPad. It’s not too surprising that Apple’s much hyped secretive tablet turned out to just be an iTouch that was stepped on or run over by a car. After all the origins of the iTouch lay in Apple’s attempt to develop a tablet. But the problem is that the iPad really isn’t much better than the iTouch and much worse than even the worst netbooks and laptops.

Imagine if you took a netbook, increased the price and then made sure you couldn’t do more than two things at the same time with it, but took away the keyboard and replaced it with a touchscreen? Again you basically have an iPad. And the iPad looks good until you actually think about how ridiculous it is. The Apple fanboys touting its capability of running iPhone apps are missing the point. The iPad can run iPhone apps, because it’s just an iPhone you can’t make calls with or take photos from.

Even Steve Jobs couldn’t help but look silly holding what looked like the world’s biggest iPhone and touting it as magic, since apparently Apple’s new definition of magic is taking old products, making them bigger and reselling them for a lot more. In Steve Jobs land that might be magic, but in no one else’s. Still if Apple proves there’s a market for tablets with the iPad, we’ll quickly see far superior and cheaper products competing with it.

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