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Stargate The Ark of Truth Ripping Off Star Trek DS9?

Okay so I will grant you Stargate is not the most original series in the world but watching Stargate The Ark of Truth it was a little hard to miss the Star Trek Deep Space Nine parallels. I mean come on, the Stargate folks now have a unique starship that can cloak and beam them down. It travels through a Supergate to another galaxy, that’s basically a giant Wormhole. It goes on a quest there to prevent a war by the followers of the dead fake gods who were killed by humans using a special weapon. These are all DS9 plot elements for crying out loud. Major chunks of this are lifted from DS9’s The Search. Star Trek DS9’s main story hinged on the Defiant, a prototype starship traveling to the Gamma Quadrant through the wormhole equipped with a cloaking device to find the Founders and head off a war. The Founders were worshiped as gods and one of the crew was even related to the Founders. Hell the final villains on DS9 were even higher beings who appeared as flame or in flames. To make it worse the Priors have a suspicious resemblance to the evil religion Peter David invented for his series of New Frontier novels. Can Stargate do nothing original?

We’ve basically got foot soldiers ala the Jem’Haddar, the Priors playing a Vorta role and the Ori who are basically the Founders slash Pah Raihs. We have a giant wormhole into another galaxy rather than another part of the galaxy. We’ve got attackers who worship aliens as gods and you basically have a much less interesting version of DS9 with everyone played by humans and all the sets looking like they involve the same village. To make matters worse the Odyssey even looks like the Defiant, it’s described as a Daedalus class, which was the first class designation starship in the Federation.

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  • DragonXero February 25, 2012 at 3:03 am

    You want even more “wtf”? Have a listen to the background music when the ship first arrives at the supergate. If you don’t recognize it right off, you haven’t watched enough Star Trek. Sure, there are a few changes and all that, but it’s almost note-for-note the same.

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