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Stargate Continuum review

stargate continuum DVDAfter all these years Goa’uld System Lords are still hard to get rid of. As Stargate Continuum gets started, Ba’al is finally about to be killed by extraction in a prolonged ceremony that has brought the SG-1 gang and Jack O’Neil together for the occasion. But as it turns out a clone of Ba’al has a time machine which he uses to go back to 1939 when the Stargate was being transported to America, take over the vessel and insure that there is no Stargate program. This wipes the Tokra out of history and Stargate command as well, except for our gang who manage to get to the gate before everything goes to hell and then return to an earth with an alternate timeline in which Stargate command never existed.

It’s not exactly the first time Stargate has done an alternate timeline that wipes out Stargate command story, but no one really expects originality from Stargate anyway. Unlike Ark of Truth, Stargate Continuum isn’t based on an idiot plot and boasts some fairly decent locating shooting and special effects. At its best Stargate Continuum focuses on the SG-1 team as stranded on an earth in an alternate timeline that doesn’t trust them and doesn’t want them anywhere near the Stargate, leaving them little choice but to live their new identities in a world not quite their own while waiting for the worst to happen. And when it does and Goa’uld scoutships are crisscrossing the sky and playing tag with F-15 fighters on the evening news, they’re the last hope for cleaning up the disaster even as the bombardment of earth begins.

At its weakest though, Stargate drags us right back to the endless Goa’uld politics of the System Lords, which by now I doubt even dedicated Stargate fans care about. Ba’al might have made for a better villain following his initial plan to approach as humanity’s benefactor offering peace and technology, which would have made for an intriguing story with the SG-1 team as the only ones to know for certain what a mistake listening to him would be. Instead though Ba’al is assassinated, Te’alc as First Prime reunites with the remains of the SG-1 team in a hurry leading to the usual, but fatal race against time to go back in time. The ending is a bit anticlimactic, though adequate enough, but leaves you wondering just how one of the team can age 10 years without anyone actually noticing. Even assuming that he managed to time travel back with whatever gadget Ba’al brought along with him.

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