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Star Wars the Live Action TV Series

I’ll spare you the Star Wars Christmas Special jokes, by now I think we all know what to expect from George Lucas plus Star Wars plus TV. Anyone having any doubts at all, can go look at any given 5 minutes of a Clone Wars episode, before falling to the floor and shrieking in agony. Now the MTV movie blog reports that casting is underway for a live action Star Wars TV series tracing the rise of the Rebel alliance. With Anakin turned into Darth Vader, Amadalia dead, and all the Jedi perished, it’s hard to see how George Lucas could turn the subject into kiddie fare stocked with incredibly annoying teenage characters. Of course I have every confidence that he will rise to the challenge and do it anyway. Bets are out on how many CGI characters that sound like walking racial or ethnic stereotypes show up. Or maybe it’ll just be Truman Capote the Hutt. Either way what once would have been big news and manna to SciFi fans’ ears, now just elicits a shrug. Which tells you how low Star Wars has fallen. It’s long since become obvious to everyone that George Lucas only cares about cashing in fast, and knows the easy way to cash in is merchandising and kiddie fare. Except in the process he’s actually seriously devalued the worth of the Star Wars brand name. If he has any sense left, the Star Wars live action TV series will actually be an attempt to compensate for that, and won’t be aimed at 3 year olds. That would be right after we get a Knights of the Old Republic TV series written by the people who made the games. And then we can all fly around in a spaceship made of pizza and blueberry jam.

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