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Star Trek XI Plot Details Revealed

IESB has details of the Star Trek XI plot and some photos of Quinto as Spock. All told Quinto doesn’t look bad, certainly better than the anorexic and weird looking New Voyages version of Spock. The plot I have to say sounds somewhat intriguing. I’m not going to post spoilers here, but the concept is far from original but it’s not bad. Most of it has been done in the Pocket Books novelizations in one form or another, certainly Imzadi is the obvious reference here, but the concept seems like a nice idea and Spock would blend well into the concept of the plot. And the plot concept also explains why Shatner won’t be in this movie, besides the fact that he’s well Shatner and would likely wind up holding the movie hostage while shouting DENNY CRANE.

Basically take Spock’s animated series episode involving his pet Sehlat, written by D.C. Fontana and considered the best episode of the series and add a little bit of Imzadi on it and do a little twist and you can probably figure out half the rest. Certainly dedicated Star Trek fans will know what key plot device the new movie will involve and what short tempered mentally unstable has been midget Science Fiction writer with a penchant for assaulting women (and men) will be raving mad when he learns what that will involve.

Like I said, it’s not an original concept, but at the same time it’s packed full of the kind of nostalgia inducing moments that should make it very hard to botch. With an extensive cast and a lot of canonic or semi-canonic references, I’m actually liking this. I’m not optimistic about the box office, but so far I am liking this.

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