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Star Trek New Frontier Issue 3 Turnaround Part III comic review

Well Issue III of Peter David’s New Frontier comic is here and by the time the issue is over it would seem that David is dipping into the fairly old well of DS9’s version of the Mirror Universe with a mirror Calhoun and a mirror Jellico having apparently teamed up to steal the Paradox in order to destroy the Empire, presumably the Klingon-Cardassian Empire of DS9’s Mirror Universe, rather than the original Terran Empire of TOS’ Mirror Universe, but that’s unclear. It’s a wellworn story, since after all DS9 already had O’Brien pull a similar stunt with the Defiant kidnapped in order to bring a warship to the Mirror Universe, not to mention a cloaking device in a later episode.

But as always Peter David has run New Frontier on style and that’s what makes Star Trek New Frontier Issue 3 Turnaround Part III work, so that even by the end when we get the same old Mirror Universe chestnut thrown at us, it comes off as cool and suspenseful, rather than hackneyed. There’s the usual mix of violence, humor and minor plot twists that are adroitly delivered. We get a little more of Ghost Si Cwan who can apparently communicate not just with Robin and bits of more political intrigue. We get Zak Kebron doing his new Violence slash Socializing thing. Meanwhile over on the Paradox Soleta gets beamed aboard and taken prisoner by the Mirror Jellico and after a few fights, including a reference by Jellico to already being dead and sessions of nerve torture, she finds herself locked up in a cell next to the real Jellico, for the first mind meld through solid objects.

Like the previous 2 issues of New Frontier, Issue 3 is basically a series of brief bursts of action with scraps of dialogue thrown into the mix. It’s easily digestible and bite size, though fairly confusing and difficult to follow if you haven’t read at least some of Peter David’s New Frontier Star Trek novels. For now the larger story involving a seemingly deranged McHenry and the rest of the starships run by the scattered Captains formerly of the New Frontier crew is on hold but no doubt will be revisited soon.

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