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Star Trek is Dead

Star Trek is dead. I’m sorry to say this as a Star Trek fan but it is.
There’s no revitalizing it Nemesis was a disaster, a flawed movie
released mere days in a competitive movie season before Lord of the
Rings:TTT that crushed it to bits. Enterprise’s ratings have dropped
seriously and their high point was only Voyager’s series finale which
itself had mediocre ratings. Next season Enterprise goes up against
Smallville and Enterprise will be crushed, particularly in the Young
Adult Male demographic Enterprise needs badly to survive. That means
Enterprise may be the first series since the Original Series to be

Meanwhile editor John Ordover is leaving which throws the Star Trek
books into chaos. Activision has made it rather clear they consider
the Star Trek license to be worthless. And that’s just on the short
list of bad news the franchise has been receiving over the past few

Nemesis was an attempt to revitalize the film franchise with an
outside director and screenwriter. It flopped. Enterprise was an
attempt to revitalize the television series with a new approach that
disconnected itself more from the series, got back to basics and a
rougher less techier environment. It flopped. Now there’s a retooling
of Enterprise coming up for the third season that desperately tries
for relevance by referencing 9/11 and providing bigger enemies and
that’s likely to flop too particularly up against Smallville which is
the hot genre series of the moment.

Ultimately reinvention can never compensate for lack of talent and
creativity among the people who are supposed to have a vision but
instead are just trying to extend a franchise. That’s what Hollywood
never gets.

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