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Star Trek Into Darkness is the Same Old Thing

Maybe I’m getting old and maybe I haven’t mainlined enough Star Trek in a while, but I have to seriously furrow my brow to try and remember the last Star Trek movie where Earth wasn’t under threat from something.

The last such Star Trek movie was Star Trek Insurrection and it was the exception among TNG movies which always went for the easy James Bond villain formula. Insert a villain who wants to destroy the earth. Fight and blow him up. The End.

Only two original series Star Trek movies endangered the earth and for all the odds and evens stuff, those movies look like a diverse and original collection of concepts and stories compared to the lame formulaic and studio driven mistakes that were the TNG movies. And Abrams Trek movies are clearly determined to head into even worse territory.

With that I give you, Star Trek Into Darkness. Earth is once again under threat, there’s once again a James Bond villain who gloats loudly and threatens destruction, and there’s some high jumps and a splashy effects scene.

Here is your Star Trek Dark Side of the Moon or Star Trek Transformers Into Darkness. Thanks B&B. You made this all possible. Oh and the blonde, I’m guessing, is Yeoman Rand?

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