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Stand Up Guys

A remake of Mikey and Nicki might not have been a bad idea and that’s what Stand Up Guys, the new movie starring Christopher Walken in the Peter Falk role and Al Pacino in the John Cassavetes part looks like. Except it also looks like it was crossed with The Bucket List and some shades of Al Pacino’s roles in Scent of a Woman and Carlito’s Way. The trailer gives away what Mikey and Nicky slowly painfully led up to and turns it into another story about a con or ex-con experiencing all that life has to offer before the end.

Will Stand Up Guys at least have the guts to do the kind of ending that The Last Detail went with? The trailer certainly doesn’t make you feel that.

Stand Up Guys has some similarities to The Last Detail, but it seems mired in sentimentality, a sentimentality that has as much to do with the careers of Pacino and Walker as with the characters that they play.

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