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Stan Lee does Paris Hilton

Marvel comics legend Stan Lee is developing an animated series for MTV starring Paris Hilton, his office confirmed to Gatecrasher. A separate source directly involved with the project likened it to the ‘Stripperella’ cartoon developed by Lee in 2003 for Pamela Anderson.

The insider said the deal had been inked and would include a credit for former Hilton boyfriend Paris Latsis, who was also on board. ‘He’s not doing much, but she wanted him involved,’ says the snitch.

So basically Stan Lee has gone from Spider-Man to an animated series about Paris Hilton. Let’s take that in for a minute. Does old Stan really need the money that badly? He’s already a millionaire. Can’t he just sell his blood or autographed copies of Fantastic Four vs She-Hulk vs Namor vs X-Men vs Spider-Man vs Boredom? Do you realize if Stan Lee dies right now, his legacy will be a cartoon about Paris Hilton? It’s like Raul Julia dying with his last movie being Street Fighter. Now that’s real tragedy.

And this is what happens when a strictly average creator is worshiped as a genius because his generally mediocre creations caught on with some teenagers. Stan Lee never created anything genuinely iconic or of real value. What he did was entertain and now he’s continuing his lowest common denominator journey all the way down.

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