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Spielberg’s The Talisman Not Coming TV-Ward After All?

Steven Spielberg announcing a TV adaptation he had been producing of Stephen King and Peter Straub’s The Talisman was about the most exciting Stephen King and Spielberg news there was, even if Spielberg wasn’t actually directing it of course. Spielberg had optioned the book a generation ago and the project had gone nowhere while both men moved from young to middle aged toward the river along old. Stephen King still has sorta got it. Spielberg doesn’t really anymore. And Spielberg has a terrible track record on TV. Still some of his TV projects do take off. The Talisman though may not be one of them. The series which was supposed to air on TNT has emerged as being a bit too expensive.

After all scripts were recently completed, it became clear that their execution would require a larger budget than previously allocated, sources said. The fantasy-horror project, about a boy’s quest through this world and a parallel world known as the Territories to find a talisman that will save his mother, is said to involve elaborate special effects. TNT and DreamWorks are now addressing the financial issues and looking for ways to make the series, sources said.

The problem with this is that I can’t quite see why it needs to be that expensive. Jack mainly wanders through relatively conventional locations. Those in the real world are easy enough to duplicate, those not, shouldn’t be so hard to manage. Wolf will look like a Wolf only a part of the time and Wolf makeup shouldn’t be that hard. The climax is the kind of shootout the A Team managed while barely yawning.

I don’t actually see where all the special effects come into the picture. Even if Jack’s transitions are FX backed or Wolf’s. Or even if some of the scenes in the Territories require a few effects, it shouldn’t be anything that big.

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