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The Spiderman Reboot… it Bombed

I never saw any sense is such a rapid reboot of movies that were doing pretty well, but Sony knew better. Sony was so smart that it cast some Twilight emo kid and decided to make a worse version of the same movie that they made 10 years ago. That was a move intended to capitalize on teenagers who were just learning to walk when the first Spider Man movie was released and who were just trying to make it to puberty when Spider Man 3 was released and can’t be expected to relate to a thirty something Spidey.

the Amazing Spider Man poster

It’s like the Dark Knight… but with more teen angst

But studios forget that they’re not the only audience out there.

The original Spider Man cost half of what the Spider Man reboot did and made more faster. The original Spider Man hit 400 million bucks. The Spider Man reboot got plowed under by The Dark Knight Rises and made 11 million over the weekend bringing its total to 228 million dollars out of a 230 million dollar budget and unknown promotional budget.

That’s not quite a bomb bomb, but even with foreign box office those are bad numbers. Spider Man 3, which had an oversized 258 million dollar budget still had a 336 million total and that was enough to trigger a reboot. Spider Man reboot probably won’t clear its full budget domestically and while its opening weekend is big enough that much of the money doesn’t go to the theaters, this is still bad.

As usual the Spider Man reboot has made more money in the foreign box office than the old domestic one, but the Amazing Spider Man is underperforming internationally too.

Does this mean Andrew Garfield will be sent home, along with Marc Webb who went from directing a few TV episodes and music videos to a summer tentpole? Will Sony give Sam Raimi a call?

Probably not. In their defense a chunk of the problem was releasing this puppy right before Dark Knight Rises and after Avengers without figuring out a way to make the Amazing Spider Man into an event movie.

The original Spider Man was an event movie. The new one would have done better in a barren season, but this summer had actual event comic book movies and it couldn’t compete.

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  • Citizen July 27, 2012 at 8:34 pm

    Definitely agree, plus the villain was boring and would have made a better lieutenant to some bigger bad. The flick started off well enough, but lost my interest by the third act. Only reason i went to see it was because nothing else was on. They should have done a Venom and Carnage plot. Or a Mysterio caper. Maybe even a Sinister Six story but admittedly that might have been tough to stuff into a 2 hour feature without shortchanging one or two of the villains backstories. Ah well, good luck to Garfield, i wish him well, he did the best he could with an unimaginative yet campy script. I enjoyed seeing him struggle with the evolution of his mutant powers. But they really dropped the ball on having Lizard be the only villain. The actor was great but the character would have better served as a wild card, a villaing in the first act who then remembers his humanity and helps Parker in the third act to take down a bigger villain.

  • Heavy Armor July 28, 2012 at 11:21 am

    Actually, Spiderman 3’s box office triggered Sony to have Raimi make Spiderman 4. It was Raimi having delusions of James Cameron AND Sony insisting on setting the release date in stone that triggered the reboot.

    • Space Ramblings July 30, 2012 at 12:42 am

      OT but can you link to my new site address as the link you have now is for a dead site? I would appreciate it.

  • Heavy Armor July 30, 2012 at 2:06 am

    I’ve got a bunch of links I have to correct. I keep telling myself to get it done, but things happen. 🙂

    • Space Ramblings July 30, 2012 at 3:07 am

      Yeah I know how it is. Half the links on my list are prob dead too.

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