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South Park Vs. Family Guy

AICN has more coverage on the whole South Park vs Family Guy deal which you thought would have died out with the manatee vs Mohammed episode, in which the thunder was stolen by Mohammed and the refusal to show the Mohammed clip rather than the Family Guy bashing.

Basically the Family Guy bashing is old news. Yes it does hinge a bunch of the episode on non-sequitir jokes but so what? That’s part of the appeal. When you’re doing a cartoon where the joke involves people defecating and vomiting on each other combined with cartoonish depictions of political issues, you don’t have much of a leg to stand on when being snobby.

TREY PARKER: The day after that episode aired, we got flowers from The Simpsons. We got calls from King of the Hill, saying we were doing God’s work. It’s not just our opinion.

Really if anyone needed taking down a peg it’s the Simpsons, the series cashing in on fan goodwill for two decades that just refuses to lie down and die, even though the quality is downright in the toilet. As for King of the Hill, is that even on the air?

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