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South Korea Opens Internet Addict Camp

It seems like the sort of thing that Americans joke about, South Koreans take seriously. Granted South Korea seems to have easily outdone Americans in MMORPG addiction with game players actually playing until they drop dead, but as before referring to something as an addiction that is not based on a biochemical reaction in the body is just plain wrong. Playing games may be addictive but so is chess or football, any activity you enjoy which has a way of rewarding you for achievement can be considered to be addictive in that sense, but it is not an actual addiction.

There is a serious need to distinguish between chemical addictions in the body and behavioral addictions in the mind for this whole issue to even be discussed in a halfway rational way. Right now we not only have rendered terms like psychosomatic meaningless, but psychologists seem to be compensating for their general uselessness by using medical terms to describe neurotic behaviors, you might as well bring in Colonel David Grossman to lecture us on Killology and how video games are just murder simulators. Sheesh.

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