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Some paintings seem to appear out of thin air. Some are stylistic and some appear to mimic life. But the works of Russian Artist Victor Lysakov are bold strokes slashing across canvas to leave behind a vividly colorful world rendered from his imagination. While some of his work in “Close Ones” and “Carnival Motif” mirror cubism and suggests Picasso’s later paintings. “Close Ones” enters a world of stylized creatures looking out from foreshortened and constrained backgrounds, mysterious and trapped in a sort of dark night of the subconscious. “Carnival Motif” has distinct Spanish overtones with stiff colorful shaded figures frozen in poses across a dimly dark background, a giant rooster waits, a party goes on while a man– perhaps the artist himself hangs crucified above a blue horse. A ghostly luminescent blue figure navigators along a wire across an abyss balancing himself with a blood red rod held in his hands. Lysakov also features more conventional art including still life works of rural and urban scenes that focus on thick strokes capturing the texture of everyday life from angles at which it vanishes away into the background. Lysakov’s expressionism holds the flavor of terror and wonder– the descent into fantastic dream and nightmare that sits at the curb of the passage of the everyday ordinary world. The resulting vision is at once delightful and enlightening from which both destruction and construction merge to envelop the viewer in a distinct narrative that is uniquely the artist’s own. Victor Lysakov’s work is well worth appreciating for the trained artist looking for insight or for the ordinary person looking for art prints in order to bring a rewarding artistic experience into his home.

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