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Sopranos Keeps Giving the Jersey Tour

So what do Sopranos fans do after David Chase kicks them in the teeth with the famous cut to black ending? Do they move on? Do they realize the last few years they were wasting their time on a pretentious show about mobsters and psychosis of all things?

Nah. Instead they keep on doing the tourist thing. The tourist thing to jersey almost as baffling as Office fans actually going to the real town where the show is set, a place chosen precisely because it’s a soulless collection of warehouses, office campuses and dying industrial mills.

What “Sopranos” fan could resist a trek across the country to sit in the same booth as Tony? The scene that baffled many and impressed many others is having a huge impact on the restaurant, Holsten’s in Bloomfield, New Jersey. A flood of fans made there way to the eatery and waited on long lines to sit in the same booth as the family did in the final scene.

I don’t get it. What’s the point of sitting in the same place that James Gandolfini’s ass sat in? Is that even hygienic? Could there be a bigger waste of time? And people actually hound Star Trek fans? At least Star Trek features characters you would want to imitate. This isn’t hero worship. This is just pathetic.

Holsten’s said that the day after the show aired they increased their onion ring sales 300%. “I can’t stand onion rings, but that’s why I’m here,” Felix Montesino of Orlando, Fla., told The Star-Ledger of Newark.

As Mr. Spock would say, how illogical.

Menus reportedly disappear because everyone wants a piece of the historic television moment. A regular customer who frequents the restaurant was upset by the fact the lines for a table were so long. When she discovered that it was all because of a television show she commented, “I am not impressed by that.”

Yeah, me either.

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