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Sony Takes 3.3 Billion Loss on PS3

It’s not exactly happy days in Sonytown. Yes Sony did finally win the big next generation DVD war, but there isn’t much to celebrate. Blu Ray players are not exactly hopping of the shelves and the public seems to care even less than they did back when the format war was going on. And the added cost of the Blu Ray drive to the PS3 pushed up the price tag and is heavily responsible for Sony losing focus, taking that 3.3 billion loss on the PS3 and losing the console game wars to Nintendo and Microsoft. These days Sony is behind in the portable game market. Behind in the portable music player market which it used to own. It’s actually hard to point to anything Sony is leading in these days. And a 4 drop for Sony shares in response to Sony’s new business strategy is hardly encouraging. Sony’s 17 billion dollar plan to take on emerging markets seems like a concession to the companies that are now dominating the first world markets Sony used to rule.

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