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Sony is Taking the PSP Seriously

In yet more signs that Sony is beginning to take the PSP seriously, Sony’s EuroBoss admits that the PSP suffered from a lack of games in favor of services, that hurt the PSP vs the DS. Now of course the DS is so vastly inferior to the PSP that there aren’t even any grounds for competition. It’s like comparing an Edsel to a Porsche. Yet just as with the PS3 and the Wii, the DS outsold the PSP by a solid margin. Now Sony is trying to goose the PSP with a new BT talk package that lets you use it as a cell phone of sorts, a new video download service, a new slimmer and upgraded PSP and based on David Reeves’ comments, apparently a new line of PSP games too.

Perhaps Sony has also learned a lesson about overlying on Liberty City Stories after all.

Despite the PS3’s setbacks, Sony’s goose isn’t quite cooked yet. Most people are still playing PS2 games, despite the hype. Sony has power to leverage, even if Sony doesn’t know it yet and interlinking he PSP with the PS3 is a good move and one neither Nintendo’s dumbed down DS and Wii or Microsoft’s XBox 360 can really compete with.

Turning the PSP into a mobile extension of a gaming and entertaining network centered around the PS3 can finally give Sony the edge it needs so badly and make the XBox and Wii look like the 20th century technology relics they really are.

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