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Sony Gets “Seriouser” About PSP Telephony

On the heels of Sony’s deal with BT for PSP users in the UK, Skype is now being rolled out for Japanese PSP owners, which shows Sony has the right idea even if it’s moving toward it at a painful to behold snails pace. The basic problem is that while the PSP is clearly superior to the Nintendo DS, like the Wii, the Nintendo DS has a focus while the PSP is all over the place. The PSP has not really connected as a game machine but treating it as the basic gatekeeper, a game system, communications and MP3 player plus wonder machine might well do the trick. After all it’s not like Sony has a better idea and real communications could be just the killer app the PSP needs to really soar. Sony’s failure with the PSP has come about because of a lack of commitment. Like many Sony products, the PSP was ambitious but lacked follow through and in the end landed with an expensive thud. And even when Sony products like Blu Ray win, they still tend to wind up losing.

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