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Sony Crackles over Grouper

Back around a few months ago when YouTube had suddenly become the hottest internet thing since sliced celery and every media company wanted to be in the YouTube or at least video sharing business, Sony… in one of those trademark brilliant decisions that will help Sir Howard Stringer go down in history as the Gajin who destroyed Sony, bought Grouper for 65 million dollars.

Grouper had basically been a rather obscure video sharing site until the Sony train came in with millions of dollars, thus staving off the eventual foreclosure and angel pullout. Now Sony has made another one of those brilliant decisions that’s sure to turn Sony into the Zenith of tomorrow and will be jettisoning everything remotely popular about Grouper like its name and will rename it Crackle and play up the studio connection by offering prizes for videos and basically turning the site into The Lot online by giving you access to Sony execs and project funding.

Now this is basically a confusing overlap of different Sony divisions and on top of that it sounds cool while being utterly hopeless. Perfect. Just perfect.

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