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Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut– Sometimes You Are

Sometimes I almost feel guilty that Star Trek fans innovated the whole collective protest against a TV series’ cancellation back in the 70’s. It worked then. Since then– especially once the internet arrived on the scene, it’s become very easy to organize a campaign on behalf of a TV series by uniting fans and of course in the process waste time and generally accomplish nothing.

Typical tactics now involve taking out ads in trade papers, sending gifts to the homes of network executives and barraging studios and networks with signs of fan support in the form of some branded item. For the fans of Jericho– the canceled CBS TV series– it’s nuts. Yes nuts. Because there’s no better way to show you’re nuts than by barraging a network with well– nuts.

Viewers of JERICHO will remember a season finale reference to “nuts” – hearkening back to a true World War II story about the one word reply Americans sent to a German demand for surrender. Well, it seems JERICHO fans have taken the reply quite literally.

Tomorrow morning, CBS will be getting a communication from JERICHO viewers. JERICHO fans amassed 1,815 pounds of nuts in three hours. Evidently, the orders continue to roll in (as of this printing, the nut pile is up to 2,140 lbs). The first torrent of nuts should arrive at CBS tomorrow morning. My God…I wanna picture of that. If any JERICHO fans out there can chase down the nut truck (yes, I know how that sounds) and take pictures of the delivery…please send me some photos!

See when Star Trek fans overwhelmed CBS they were doing something new and they were sending letters and packages. They weren’t sending a whole truck full of nuts. All CBS has to do is refuse to accept the nuts. It’s really not that difficult– and thanks to AICN, CBS now knows the truck is coming.

The projected exchange will go something like this.

Nut Driver: I have these nuts I want to deliver

CBS Security Guard: We’re not accepting delivery of these nuts

Nut Driver: What are you nuts? This is about saving Jericho.

CBS Security Guard: I don’t care what it’s about. Get your nuts out of here.

Nut Driver: They’re not my nuts. They’re your nuts.

CBS Security Guard: Get them out of here or I’m calling the police.

Nut Driver: Save Jericho

Why am I being mean to a well meaning effort by fans to save a series? I watched a few episodes of Jericho. I didn’t hate it, even though the male and female leads were badly miscast. But the whole project is just too damn stupid.

CBS has issued an message indicating that the network “hopes to develop a way to provide closure to the compelling drama that was the Jericho story.” This is pretty vague…so FANS SHOULD NOT CEASE THEIR EFFORTS AT THIS TIME.

Or possibly it’s not so vague. Not the closure part, you geniuses. CBS is not talking about ordering another season of Jericho. Whatever they have in mind it’s most likely to be a novelization or some licensing arrangement along those lines. SO MAYBE FANS SHOULD CEASE THEIR EFFORTS.

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  • Stephanie May 29, 2007 at 10:01 am

    Well, haven’t heard that yet… But everyone has there own opinion on this fight. We have video of the drops. I think we have three previous drops on film and should have film of the drop today. Just go to . And we aren’t just nuts I wanted to tell you that. We aren’t just fightin for a show, we are fightin for the right to change the way networks work. To make every views opinon count. Out with Neilson’s a a revamp of it. We have the support of well over 90,000 people. We have a petition that has over 91,000 signatures. And we also seem to have the support of the cast and crew. But they are still under contract so have to sit on sidelines but are keeping in contact. Just yesterday on the Shaun OMac show on blogtalk radio online had guest caller of Brad Meyer he plays Stanley on Jericho.

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