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So is Anyone Still Watching Lost?

The thing that most shows don’t seem to understand is that the more involved their story gets, the more viewers tune out. It happens to most dramas sooner or later. And SciFi shows suffer the most from it, because when your episodes are just pieces in a story arc puzzle that takes place over 5 years, who really cares what’s going on anymore. That happened with Lost, once ABC’s golden series, now looking a lot like the ratings for Star Trek Voyager. And the ratings bleed continues. Lost’s season opener lost viewers every half hour. You can’t blame that one on people who didn’t tune in after the long break. You can only blame it on viewers who tuned in and stopped watching. And little wonder. Lost’s producers have taken the complaints from viewers over the years about the show not explaining anything to heart. Now it is and except for the die hards no one cares. A lesson from the Twilight Zone might have served Lindeloff best. No one cares how you do it, they only care that you do it. Also what viewers want often isn’t what they really need. Which is good advice particularly in the case of the fans and the rabid shippers. It used to be that people who tuned in to Lost did so because they didn’t know the big picture, but they understood what was happening in an episode. Today the casual viewer has been shut out and Lost is missing those viewers and the ratings they brought with them.

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