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So Enterprise Killed Harve Bennett’s Star Trek Prequel

According to the man himself anyway. My take on it is that prequels are a bad idea, but Harve Bennett wouldn’t have shown the kind of contempt for Star Trek as it is, the way that J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof and the rest of the gang on the Star Trek reboot did. I don’t really get the reasoning anyway, as Enterprise was set long before the Kirk era, so it’s not as if either one would have interfered with the other. But executives are not known for their ability to think. And it’s good odds that the reason we don’t have a Star Trek TV series now, is because Paramount thinks it would conflict with the next Abrams-Damon Star Trek movie. Doesn’t make much sense, but there we go. It’s like the fans who kept saying that the problem was that we have gone to the well too many times. Not that the product was low quality and had no real purpose or respect for the source material. But too much going to the well.

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