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Smallville Season 6 Finale – Spoilers

Well I’ve got to say that Smallville continues screwing with Superman canon but it’s not always or entirely in a bad way. I have to say that I have generally mixed reactions to the finale.

Having the Martian Manhunter be some sort of detective for Jor El seems to dilute the character a bit but also makes him relevant to the overall storyline. That said if Jor El could send the Martian Manhunter to watch over Clark Kent, that suggests he had a lot more room to plan an escape. He managed to send Kara out and now the Martian Manhunter too, as well as apparently spend a good deal of time on earth himself.

Surprisingly it was a phantom zoner who was the key villain of the season finale, rather than Lex Luthor, almost a cheat of sorts, but I assume they’re saving Lex Luthor’s villainy until the season 7 finale when Michael Rosenbaum will be departing the series for good. Assuming Smallville lasts past Season 7, I presume they’ll find the usual way to explain things.

Then we have Bizarro Superman. Bizarro Superman was usually dumb but well meaning. He might destroy a house because in his backwards dimension, that’s just how you did things. By contrast Bizarro Superman in Smallville is a Phantom Zoner who can absorb DNA and goes around possessing spooky little kids and tearing people’s guts out. It’s unclear why he tears people’s guts out in the first place. There doesn’t seem to be a particular reason for it. Maybe on his planet tearing someone’s guts out is their way of saying, “Hi, Nice to Meet You.” Who knows.

All told it’s not bad but I assume by Season 7 episode 1, Clark will find some way to banish him back using some portal, just as he managed to do with Zod and his followers. He’s had it ridiculously easy until now. It’s unclear if the Kryptonite actually makes Bizarro Superman toxic to Clark too. That should be interesting.

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