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Smallville Season 5 overview

Indeed Season Five truly begins the evolution of Clark Kent into Superman. The overarching stories of Season Five deal with an ongoing plot by General Zod and his minions to invade Earth, pitting Clark for the first time against true Kryptonian foes. Clark finally gets Lana and has to give her up and at the same time loses his father, a fundamental step in the Superman mythos that marks his forced transformation from a boy into a man and from Clark Kent into a superhero. And Clark encounters more of the superheroes who will become the members of a trimmed down Justice League, including Acquaman.

In Season Five, Clark is forced to make great sacrifices, giving up much of the life had he hoped to have, losing his human life, the love of his life and finally his father– all for the sake others. Lex Luthor meanwhile increasingly begins to show his evil side, torturing Aquaman and deploying weapons of mass destruction while pursuing his campaign to gain access to Kryptonian technology, culminating in his attainment of superpowers as he becomes a dupe for Brainiac and a vessel for Zod.

Smallville – Season 5 Overview

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