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Smallville Bizarro 7×01 Season 7 premiere review

Well Season 7 of Smallville is here and while the series has weathered a lot of ups and downs, especially Season 4, Season 7 debuts with the ongoing story of Clark Kent’s transformation into Superman and when Clark, clad in his usual red and blue ensemble freezes and vaporizes the flood waters and afterward winks and smile at the boy he just saved before striding off, it’s the closest Clark has been to being Superman and in a way in that moment he arguably is.

From his dialogue with the Martian Manhunter on responsibility and humanity, this is very much Clark becoming Superman. That said Bizarro feels very much like a rehash of Season 6’s premiere with an unstoppable alien enemy that Clark defeats through a gimmick, worse yet Bizarro is overshadowed by the silly Lex Luthor soap opera which the show insists on clinging to and even worse has Lex Luthor believing he was rescued by an angel, despite the fact that he’s personally seen and created any number of superhuman creatures and that the last time he was rescued from a car that fell into a river, it was by Clark Kent.

There’s no doubt that Bizarro moves Smallville very close to Superman with Clark talking about his life and the people in Smallville in the past tense and Lex sitting in the CEO’s chair high above Metropolis makes him feel as if he is in the right place too but the series needs more values and less soap.

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