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Smallville 8×20 Beast review

Well I’ve got to give Smallville credit for one thing, they may have jacked the plot for Buffy Season 5, but they’ve done a much better job with the alternating human to world destroyer big bad thing, than Buffy ever did. That’s not to say that Smallville Season 8 hasn’t lagged a lot, particularly anything involving the post-Lex Luthorcorp or Green Arrow, but the series does make a convincing case that it can keep going ad infinitum. Which if the CW has anything to say about it, is exactly what will happen. Even if Clark is wearing a dress and blonde wig, two seasons on. Smallville 8×20 Beast does go back to the usual abused woman storyline that teen oriented shows constantly chuck in to educate their base demographic that having a controlling abusive boyfriend is a bad idea, but it still works well enough, if only because Chloe manages to be convincingly rational, while behaving irrationally, and avoids the Lifetime river of tears moments you would usually expect to see thrown in here. Evil Medic slash Doomsday has meanwhile covered the ground from whiny to self-entitled sociopath, and by the time the season finale comes around, I’m sure we’ll see him kick the crap out of Clark in the season finale, only to have Clark make a comeback in the Season 9 opener, as he usually does. Chloe’s fate will probably be up in the air until negotiations work themselves out with the actress. Considering that the result of the negotiations turned Chloe into the center of the storylines for Season 8, I’d say that the producers may not be willing to bend over that far backward again.

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