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Smallville 8×09 Abyss episode review

Having a show’s brainy plainer female character amass a great deal of powers building to an explosion is not exactly a new concept for a series, and while Smallville did seem to be headed down that road with Chloe gaining the ability to read just about everything ever written on the internet (including the Sonic fanfic) in a minute while accessing Kryptonian data crystals. By the time she killed a nice homicidal mind reading psycho to protect Clark’s secret, you would have assumed that things were building to a pitch, and they were but just not the pitch you thought.

Instead Smallville 8×09 Abyss reveals that Braniac’s code is what’s giving Chloe her powers, with the artificial intelligence that much like a vampire just won’t stay dead regenerating again using Chloe. Naturally the whole thing ties into evil medic who also happens to be the artificially created son of Zod and the ultimate destroyer. While Braniac’s code removes memories of everyone but him from her mind, Clark recreates the Fortress of Solitude, a surprisingly underwhelming moment, and gets positively chummy with dear old dad, who this time around willingly helps his friend without exacting a murderous price. Despite my mockery it’s actually a fairly nice moment with Clark sounding like Superman instead of a petulant teenager.

Meanwhile back in Chloe’s head, Smallville launches an ambitious ripoff of yet another movie, this time aiming as high as Charlie Kaufman by stealing from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, complete with Chloe looking for a safe memory to put Clark into and escaping into childhood. It’s a nice moment, it’s also hopelessly plagiarized and scenes like this make me wonder what the writers and producers are thinking when they copy so blatantly. Do they really think no one will notice or care? Probably the latter.

Either way Clark decides to erase Chloe’s memories of his superpowers from her mind. Naturally this is a stupid idea which will set up lots of drama, but is virtually inevitable because there are a shortage of friends Clark knows who don’t know his secret. And by shortage I mean one. Now two. Of course by and probably well before season’s end, Chloe will discover it all over again followed by plenty of handwringing. And logically, erasing Chloe’s memories of Clark’s superpowers also removes a ton of other information ancillary to this, including major chunks of her life. But who’s talking about logic. This is Chinaton, I mean Smallville.

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