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Smallville 8×08 Bloodline episode review

If there’s anything that can be said for Season 8, it’s that Smallville has finally gotten serious about bringing Clark not just somewhere around the neighborhood of becoming Superman, but into actually becoming Superman, and while there are fumbles, the season is moving it along. Smallville 8×08 Bloodline features another visit to the Phantom Zone, a Zod arrival, a Kandor quest and a show that feels a lot closer to the comic books than ever.

Of course it also features the return of the show’s most obvious failed attempt at a recurring character, Kara, still being played with all the dept and range of an audience member in a George Foreman grill commercial. The producers of Smallville seem to have realized how badly they screwed up and last time around had dumped Kara off screen, only to bring her back in Smallville 8×08 Bloodline and then send her packing to look for Kandor.

This time around a mysterious stranger sends Clark the crystal only to have it whoosh him and Lois off to the Phantom Zone. Kara apparently has been living there to avoid opening a portal to Earth that the Zoners could use. Naturally Clark wants to send Lois him and risks both their lives and earth to do it. Mission accomplished, but with Zod’s wife as a passenger possessing Lois who promptly goes to look for her son, who turns out to be a genetic creation masquerading as evil medic, or the Anti-Clark.

Overall Smallville S8e08 Bloodline is not at all a bad episode, heavy on the comics and low on the freaks of the week.

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    Teddy January 14, 2013 at 2:33 pm

    Michael Rosenbaum. Why don’t you want to return to Smallville again. If that is true than it relaly sucks.You put 7 years into the show and than you quit at the most important time. I can understand a little break here and there. That’s cool.But Season 8 and Season 9 nine were 2 years of time that you had a break from the show, and now it’s Season 10 and your still not back and also we have no word of weather you want to return, so it’s like 2 and 1/2 years (give a little)that you had a break from the show. What’s 1 more episode or 2. Or like a 5 to 7 min scene. How many hours of filming does that take? a day, or two of filming or so i guess? What a big Sacrifice for a bigger pay off. Respect, Stardom, Money, Fame.I always think what if Tom Welling had played Lex on the show and you Michael Rosenbaum play Superman and didn’t have to shave your head, Would Tom Welling get sick of shaving his head and just have the same excuse you have Michael Rosenbaum about being sick of shaving your head, so just quit for that reason. It’s like everybody has come back to the show, Meteor Freaks, Lana Lang, Anette O’toole, Michael Mckean, Michael Ironside, John Schnieder, John Glover! Everybody man except Michael Rosenbaum. Please Michael Rosenbaum, We love you. I don’t mean to criticize, but a lot! of people are dissapointed.

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