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Smallville 8×07 Identity episode review

Smallville has spent a lot of time showcasing Clark in red and blue but Smallville 8×07 Identity crosses the rubicon or does as much with the closest thing the series has had to date to the birth of Superman. Not of course the actual shove the baby in a spaceship on Krypton birth, but the costume, as Jimmy snaps a speeding red and blue blur that happens to be Clark dressed in his usual red and blue, all but guessing Clark’s identity resulting in an elaborate attempt at a disguise that has Green Arrow donning a blue suit and a red cape to become the real Clark and in the process the real Superman.

In an episode that ends with Superman on the cover of the Daily Planet, Smallville se8e07 Identity goes a long way toward redeeming Season 8 from the endless whiny Jimmy and Chloe episodes we’ve been subjected to lately, even the Saw ripoff. It’s not exactly canon and the idea of Superman as not only junior to just about every other superhero out there but gettingh is costume idea from a clumsy attempt by a drunken Green Arrow doesn’t sit all that well either. But it still plays out well enough.

And an ending that has Chloe all in black taking out Tess’ memory thief the final way is a bit startling and raises some questions over who Chloe really is and how far she’s prepared to go. Smallville is not exactly big on originality and the idea of making the brainy girl into an uncontrolled superpowered menace along the lines of Willow is a long way from original. Even MutantX did it first. But it’s still a lot better than enduring any more relationship episodes between Chloe and Jimmy. Just about anythign is better than that.

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