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Smallville 8×06 Prey episode review

Back when Smallville’s eight season was being held up by the negotiations to keep the actress playing Chloe on board it seemed as if it would be a shame for the show to lose her, after all she was the one truly smart and savvy female character on the show. And now with Smallville 8×06 Prey putting us 6 episodes in, it’s unfortunately all too clear that the price of keeping Chloe was much too high. Not only is Smallville now burdened with one pointless Chloe relationship involving Jimmy that everyone knows is doomed, but we get a second pointless Chloe relationship with the Jekyl and Hyde EMT Davis, and on top of that Chloe doing a Lana impersonation by running Isis group therapy sessions complete with treacly feed good advice. Basically Chloe has become the new Lana and it’s not a pretty picture.

By the beginning of Smallville S08e06 Prey it’s obvious that Clark has shifted into Superman mode, he’s listening to a radio scanner and flying off, or jumping up to fight crime, which should be the center of the episode. Then there’s the Martian Manhunter taking on his phony J’onn J’onzz identity on the Metropolis PD force. Both of which are major factors in Superman’s journey. By the end of the episode J’onn J’onzz has even suggested a costume to Clark to disguise his identity. Instead though Smallville Prey centers on Chloe and the two men in her life, almost as if Clark was just a supporting character in her drama.

And that’s exactly what it is. Smallville 8×06 Prey lays out a not particularly mysterious mystery that any idiot will be able to foresee the twists for in a few minutes flat, both of which naturally center around Chloe. Lois herself is absent in the episode, so is Tess, not to mention Green Arrow and much of the cast. It’s almost as if Smallville had become a series about Chloe. With Season 8 the producers should have simply terminated Smallville, created a new series called Metropolis and taken it from there. At the very least deducting 50 points from Chloe’s IQ and turning her into the center of all the relationship drama was really the wrong way to go.

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