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Smallville 8×05 Committed

Smallville 8×05 Committed gives the viewers more of what they really want, bad ripoffs of successful movies. Smallville has long ago topped Sliders in centering entire episodes around bad ripoffs of mainstream movies but somehow only Smallville could rip off Saw and center it around the usual soap opera of tangled relationships and saddest of all it’s not even the first time that Smallville has ripped off Saw but the second time.

This time around there’s a Jigsaw lite clone in a mask whose wife lied to him. So naturally he killed her and has been using his jewelry store as a front for observing engaged couples and kidnapping them, using electroshocks in a lie detector test and killing the ones who aren’t meant to be together. Also naturally he’s got a Krpytonite bracelet. Even more naturally, Jimmy and Chloe run afoul of him and get taken to his greenishly lit cellar to be interrogated for some overacting and screaming. This serves as the linchpin for a “larger” story about two other potential couples, one past and one present, Oliver and Tess, and Clark and Lois, who apparently fell deeply in love with him one or two episodes ago but is dedicated to never telling him. Not only does this run counter to the whole canon storyline, but it runs counter to Lois’ personality who has never been the shrinking violet type but the go out and get em type.

A week after Instinct, Smallville turns out yet another episode of relationship angst, particularly with the doomed relationship of Jimmy and Chloe at the center of it. Clark and Lois have been retconned to be madly and secretly in love and the series is still trying to push that Green Arrow spinoff by giving us pointless scenes between Tess and Oliver, who viewers are supposed to pretend is straight to boot. It’s a lot of work with no real purpose. I’m sure the actress playing Chloe Sullivan has some solid people working for her and when they renegotiated her contract for an 8th season, it came backed not only by top billing but by pointless storylines centered around a pointless relationship. But the series in the end isn’t Charmed, it is Smallville. 7 years of this nonsense with Lana should have been more than enough for the writers to get all the relationship angst out of their system.

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